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 A Fair Trade display

A Positive Learning Environment

We believe there should be continuous learning for everyone.

We believe in focusing on the individual needs of the children.

We believe in providing an environment where children want to learn.

 Working and learning together.

We believe in providing a creative, innovative and exciting learning experience for all.

We believe in a meaningful, relevant, coherent and fully rounded curriculum.

 Gardening during the Autumn tidy-up  

Achieving Potential

 We believe we are an inclusive school and that all children have a right to achieve their potential.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence and will endeavour to maximise academic ability.

 Car washing for charity  


We believe pupils, staff and governors are separate teams and one whole team.

We believe in working in partnership with parents and the community.

 Learning through play

Integrity, Respect and Tolerance

We believe in tolerance of differences and respect for the individual.

We believe everyone should feel free to be themselves, and feel safe to express their beliefs and opinions.

We believe in commitment to social justice.

 Edith's Wartime Scrapbook  

Valuing Diversity

Although we believe there is value in diversity we also celebrate being British.  This is done through acknowledging patron saint days, celebrating national holidays and events and taking part in unique and somewhat quirky British traditions.

We believe in an appreciation for different cultures and religions.

We believe in developing the children's curiosity about people, places and things of the world.

 Visiting the fire station on Menwith Hill


We believe in promoting a safe and secure environment where children feel happy in their learning and play

 Deveoping confidence in gymnastics


Our fundamental aim in school is to develop an environment where all our children are happy, determined, friendly, co-operative and excited by their learning.  We hope to inspire our children and develop in them a love of life-long learning that prepares them for what the future may hold.