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Swale Class                    

Swale Class is our Key Stage 2 Class  and splits into Year 3 and 4 (taught by Miss Low) and into Year 5 and 6 (taught by Mr Howarth) for morning sessions.  In the afternoons, the children come back together for subjects such as Humanities and the Arts.

Swale Class's absolute focus is raising the attainment and achievement of all the pupils and we work hard to achieve this.


PE sessions with now take place on Monday and Wednesday, so please make sure you have your kit in school. PE kit must be clean and consist of a white t shirt, black shorts and school pumps. 


Homework is an essential aspect of school life. It is designed to enhance the children's learning that takes place during the day and helps consolidate and secure understanding.  Please help your child as much as you can and if you get stuck please contact Mr Howarth and he will help you help your child.


Following our discussions at parents evening, I'm sure you are all aware of the importance of reading with your children as often as possible. We have recently updated our school library and now have a huge selection of modern and exciting books for the children to choose from (Please feel free to come and have a look with your child after school). 

If any KS2 parents would like to volunteer some time during the week to hear individual readers I would really appreciate it - please come and see me if you think that this is something you would like to do. 


Year 6 Children need to focus on SAT Grammar booklets please

Children will be given a spelling booklet with their weekly spellings. 


Just a note for new parents - the spellings may seem hard at first, but we will be looking at them together in class and once broken down into sections they do become easier. My recommendation is that I would aim to be practicing spellings for about 10 minutes per evening five days a week. Learning two new spellings each day and recap the previous days words. Please come and see me or Miss Low if you need any advice on different ways to learn spellings.  


Times Tables

As a federation, we have created a new method of ensuring children learn their times table facts, with a focus on instant recall. From next year (2020) children in year 4 will need to take a statutory times table test, answering questions up to 12 x 12. 

We have created a booklet to support their learning at home, but I will need your continued support to ensure that children are learning the times table facts (including division facts). 

Some children, and parents, have informed me about the anxiety caused by the test on a Monday morning. To avoid this, children will now be able to choose if they are ready to take the test (I would expect approximately one test per half term). 

Their job is to learn their time table facts, so that they can 'beat the superhero'.

If you have any questions about this please do come and see me.   


Optional SumDog

Please accept my appologies for the delay in updating the Sumdog (we have had some internet difficulty at school). I have now set a Sumdog challange homework 

This Sumdog Challenge will begin again at 4:30 on the 13.05.19, with a target of attempting 500 questions!

The challenge will finish at 5:00pm on the 26.05.19

Good Luck! 


Optional Homework Tasks


Our New topic for March - July, will be 'The Roman Empire'.


Below are some optional homework tasks that you might like to do. These are optional, but I know that some children like to do extra homework tasks to support their learning at school.


Make a list of objects that we would use now that the Romans used and one of objects we don't use now

- Create a Roman timeline

- Draw/paint a picture of something from Romans times e.g. a Roman banquet, or chariot racing.  Write a caption to go with it.

- Write a secret message in Roman numerals (with an alphabet key)

- Write a short newspaper report announcing the invasion of Britain

- Plan a trip across UK visiting only Roman towns and using as many Roman roads as possible.

- Research the Roman Gods and design your own God



 Other Online Maths Games


SumDog - This is a great online maths game that all of the pupils have their own login for. It not only encourages them to become better and mental maths, but also I can track their progress. It will only work on Google Chrome, however there are two apps available on I-Pads and Android. 


This is an interactive game we use in class to support the children's learning of times tables, but it also has games centered around doubles, halves and number bonds! It is compatible with the I-pads too! just click the link below...

Hit The Button 


Here is another great website, just click on your year group and the current maths topic of number and place value to see all of your targets and some great interactive games. I've shown the children this so they should know what they are looking for. 

Snappy Maths