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2018 - 2020


Chairperson - Dina Youtz

Secretary - Scilla Baldwin

Treasurer - Scott Simmons

Our aim for the PTFA this year is to bring the parent community into the school community, through family events and school activities, as well as the wider community of Darley.  We want all of our children to learn, thrive and have fun in a safe and caring environment. We need more parents to get involved, the PTFA is for Parents, Teachers and Friends i.e. the local community. 

We meet approximately every 6 weeks and its sociable and fun too! So please get involved and support your children. 

As well as lots of social events, the priority of the PTFA is to raise funds to keep the school active and well resourced. All the money raised goes towards projects for the school. This year we are looking at the following projects:

  • £5K for a wall building project
  • £2K server to replace a very old system
  • £1K music program
  • £1.2k for Swimming for the children 
  • £3K for transportation to and from swimming and other events
  • £1.3k over 3 years for reading plus program

To raise this money we need your help to keep the school as the heart of the village and welcome everyone, young and old to get involved.

You can start by coming to one of our events:

13th June – Fathers Day Breakfast

27th June - Summer Fete

5th July - Bake Sale

11th July – Summer Disco

PTFA list of eventsPTFA list of events


We look forward to seeing you there.


From everyone at the PTFA




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