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Governor Handbook

To access our school's governor handbook please click on this link:   Governor Handbook 


Governor's Action Plan

 To access a PDF copy of our school's governor action plan please click on this link: Governor Action Plan



  Action Plan 2017 - 2018



Governor Action Area


Specific responsibility


Monitoring arrangements


Milestones and Date




Success Criteria


Completed by

1.To oversee quality of teaching, learning and assessment across the federation

Emily Fazal

Rachel Rogers

Conrad Volker

Stuart Mallender

Lead governors report back to FGB during half termly meetings

By 7 Feb 2018 NC has distributed latest lesson observation and book scrutiny dates to staff

By 21 Mar 2018 governors have visited classes to understand the class structure

By 23 May 2018 the vast majority of lessons are judged ‘Good’ or better

By 11 July 2018 a summary report has been presented to the FGB based on the end of year performance of both schools


Governors know the quality of teaching across the schools and the performance of different pupil groups and use this to ensure continual improvement

 Governors use data analysis to monitor the achievement of pupils across the schools

 Continual improvement in the quality of teaching

 By the end of the academic year the evidence bas e for good teaching against Ofsted criteria is secure

July 2018

2.To oversee the financial and personnel management across the federation

Stuart Mallender

Conrad Volker

Nick Coates


Additional support from Sharon Langton - Bursar

Lead governors report back to FGB during half termly meetings

By 7 Feb 2018 benchmarking information has been used to establish where savings can be made

By 21 Mar 2018 SB is about to become independent of LA Catering – LH to be TUPE’d across to federation staff

By 23 May 2018 cost saving investigations have been completed

By 11 July 2018 recommendations to the FGB have been made on future savings for the academic year 2018-19


Both schools can remain financially sustainable and that projected budgets which are in danger of running into a deficit are addressed

 The governors have a greater understanding of cost savings across the federation and drive more financial efficiency within both school. 

July 2018

3. To oversee health, safety, safeguarding and premises across the federation

Sarah Walker

Lynne Bennion


Additional support from Mike Brown LA HS adviser

Lead governors report back to FGB during half termly meetings

By 7 Feb 2018 all HS files have been reviewed and signed off by governors

By 21 Mar 2018 Governors have conducted premises inspections and completed annual Safeguarding Audit in both schools

By 23 May 2018 SCR checks have been conducted by Governors in both schools

By 11 July 2018 governors have produced an annual summary report on HSSP to share with FGB


Ensure both schools are meeting Health & Safety, Safeguarding, Child Protection, Educational Visits and Premises procedures and requirements


Schools are statutorily compliant

July 2018

4. To oversee the quality of provision of EYFS across the federation

Alison Hailwood

Nick Coates

Kate Milne

Lead governors report back to FGB during half termly meetings

By 7 Feb 2018 Staff in both schools are using Tapestry to record the childrens' learning journeys and share online with parents.

By 21 Mar 2018 Audit of parents' views on how well they are informed about their child's progress.

By 23 May 2018 Feedback on moderation between both schools and other schools in the cluster.

By 11 July 2018 a summary report presented to FGB based on the EYFS judgements, GLD and progress


Parents feel well informed and fully involved in their child's learning journey and express their satisfaction in audit.

Staff are making accurate and well informed judgements.

Children make good or better progress during EYFS year.

Parents are well informed and progress is linked to Dev Matters statements.

Staff are able to continue good practice and amend where necessary.

Staff are moderating accurately.

ELG Judgments are accurate and in line with other practitioners

July 2018

5. To oversee the quality of provision for those pupils belonging to vulnerable groups eg. SEND, FSM, PP

Emily Fazal

Lynne Bennion

Lead governors report back to FGB during half termly meetings

By 7 Feb 2018 staff in school are using a tracking system that closely monitors and tracks vulnerable pupils

By 21 Mar 2018 vulnerable pupils have intervention programmes in place to support their needs

By 23 May 2018 rates of progress can be measured

By 11 July 2018 the impact of the intervention programmes can be analysed and reported to the FGB


Pupils identified as vulnerable make expected progress based on the school’s expectations due to the support and provision they receive

 Pupils make progress in line with the school’s expectations and their needs are met fully despite the difficulties that they face

July 2018

6. To oversee the implementation of nursery provision across the federation

Alison Hailwood

Nick Coates

Kate Milne

Lead governors report back to FGB during half termly meetings

By 7 Feb 2018 Dacre Pre-School is set up at Darley

By 21 Mar 2018 Ofsted have been notified of the change of provider

By 23 May 2018 staff have been TUPE’d across to the federation

By 11 July 2018 the pre-school is governor-led


The federation of DCPS and SCPS have governor led EY units at both sites and that it has become financially self-sufficient due to the numbers of children attending

 Governor’s impact will be that the time scales are adhered to and that in accomplishing this target area, the schools will provide pre-school care, led and staffed by federation employees and attended by local 2-4 year olds thus ensuring the sustainability of both schools

July 2018

7.  To explore the process required to become part of a Multi Academy Trust

Ian Chisem

Sarah Walker

Lead governors report back to FGB during half termly meetings

By 7 Feb 2018 meeting arranged to discuss how to gather information from the sources available to gain a greater understanding of the process.

By 21 Mar 2018 to contact other schools who are part of a MAT

By 23 May 2018 Collate information from the sources available

By 11 July 2018 Recommendations to GB about the benefits of the MAT model for our schools.


Governors can make an informed decision about the key benefits and opportunities that a MAT can offer our schools.

 The governors have a greater understanding of the MAT model and whether there are any long-term benefits of being part of a MAT which will have a positive impact on school improvement,

July 2018

8. To regularly review Governor effectiveness/skills/ Governor succession planning

All Governors

Chairs to undertake review yearly


Governors to book on regular training relevant to responsibility

By 7 Feb undertaken skills audit.  Identify any further training needed.  Improving outcomes for pupils: How well do we challenge and monitor form completed

By 21 Mar reflect upon progress of Gov action plan

By 23 May Chairs completed Chairing The Governing board training

By 11 July 2018 have undertaken 360 review of Governor performance


Governors have robust systems in place for monitoring and challenging

 Governors have the knowledge and skills needed to challenge effectively

Govs have time to undertake visits

July 2018